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Anna Pushkareva is 41e Les Petits As Champion!

29 January 2023
Anna Pushkareva is the winner in Singles of the world tennis championship - Les Petits As - Le Mondial Lacoste 2023!
Anna Pushkareva, winner of the girls' singles tournament, with her dad, Nikolay (left), and tennis coach Georgy Salbiev
In the Finals, the 1st seed  Anna Pushkareva met with the 2nd seed Giulia Safina-Popa. Anna won the fight in two straight sets with a score of 7/5, 6/1. 

Julia Safina-Popa (right) congratulates Anna Pushkareva on her victory after the final match
So, over the past two days, Anna Pushkareva knocked out two favorites of the girls' competition, Ksenia Efremova (6/0, 6/2) and Julia Safina-Pop.

It is worth noting that Anna Pushkareva became the second student of Alexander Ostrovsky Academy to win the tournament in Tarbes - Les Petits As - Le Mondial Lacoste. Anastasia Potapova became absolute champion of Les Petits As in 2015.

Georgy Salbiev (Anna's tennis coach and Academy team captain at Les Petits As 2023):

Academy team in Tarbes (from left to right): Savva Rybkin, tennis coach Georgy Salbiev, Anna Pushkareva with her dad
"It was a great and difficult tournament, 6 singles matches in 7 days. Anna had a good training weeks before the Les Petits As. The first week - at Alexander Ostrovsky Academy in Khimki, the second - the U16 tournament in Kazan (where she also won), the third week - at Alexander Ostrovsky Academy in Dorsten. The fourth week - performance at the super junior tournament in Tarbes.

In general, Anna was confident in her abilities and that she would be able to outplay each of her next rivals. Since the confidence that comes from winning in each match it had a cumulative effect, so by the end of the tournament Pushkareva was in optimal playing shape.".

Savva Rybkin & Anna Pushkareva into the 3rd round of Les Petits As 2023